Justice is Not Enough

As I have watched the events in Ferguson unfold I am overcome with sadness. The entire nation is joined in grieving for the loss of a young man, a young man who’s name will forever be synonymous with police brutality. The eyes of the nation are on Ferguson, we watch in horror as teargas is used against American civilians on American soil infringing upon their freedom of assembly, we watch in horror as the free press we have held dear since the very founding of our nation is blocked from preforming their constitutional rights and responsibilities, we watched in horror as Mike Brown’s body lay in the street while crowd control was made top priority. We cannot passively view these atrocities anymore, now we act. I call on my fellow Americans, do not let what is happening in Ferguson be forgotten when the news cycle shifts, when hashtags stop trending, when anonymous quits releasing videos. When this is over; it has just begun. We must not allow this to continue. Justice is not enough, it’s time for law enforcement reform, lots of it.

I would like to call on law enforcement everywhere to lead the way. How can we work together to make sure this doesn’t happen again? 

Don’t make teachers pay for Washington’s bad decisions.

In November, Missouri voters will be faced with another bad ballot initiative. Already teachers are standing up against it.

It’s important to talk to teachers about this bill. Education reform is sorely needed, but Teachers are not the problem. The problem is our refusal to fund education from the local level right up to the national budget. I’ve watched bond issues to build new schools fail just as hard as budget expansions fail in Washington. Across the board, folks seems unwilling to pay the costs of American public education. This bill is just another in a long line of moves to reduce the efficacy of public schools with the goal of privatizing education and adding it to the already long list of things reserved for the few.

I’m sick of the 1% buying my government,  I’m drawing a line in the sand at education. Teachers aren’t the only people paying for these decisions; our children, our nation’s next generation of young minds, are being put in cold storing while we figure out where our priorities lie. I’m not willing to give in anymore.